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"You have never seen a horse galloping out of the desert, come up to a person and say 'Lets go riding'. We have to create a motive for a horse to want to have a bond with a human…..and this can be done with a delicate balance between discipline and love. 'Love' is the strongest tool we have to develop that safe and meaningful relationship". This is the underlying message in Pete's seminars addressing "Common Sense Trailer Loading", "Give Me That Foot…Please!" and "Taking A Green Horse From 0 to 60". His passive training techniques and clear explanations have helped numerous horses and owners overcome the barriers that exist. Pete's seminars (at Firefly Acres or other locations) are 3-4 hours with plenty of opportunities for questions and answers.

Common Sense Trailer Loading
Passive techniques help a horse want to jump into that horse-eating “critter crate” without the use of wenches, come-alongs or an entire football team. Wanted; a horse that heads to “Tim-Buck-Two” when he sees the horse trailer. Location to be determined.

Give Me That Foot…Please!
Shoeing or trimming a horse that doesn’t want its feet to handled has lead to many wars. This short seminar will demonstrate how to passively teach a horse to pick up its feet and be ground tied at the same time! Horses, farriers and owners all become winners. Wanted; horse that “eats” farriers or that has never been trimmed. Location to be determined.

Taking A Green Horse From 0-60 It used to be "twitch his ear, throw the saddle on, pull the blindfold and ride", but there is a better way. If we want to safely build a meaningful relationship with our horse, we have teach him to be comfortable with the transitions to the saddle. This seminar demonstrates passive techniques to start a horse out on the right hoof.

Spectator price for a Firefly Acres seminar is $10:00
Other location prices are traveling expenses plus $200.00

Seminar Schedule
To Be Determined