Firefly Acres Bringing People and Their Dreams Together
304 Tandy Lane
Sparta, TN 38583

Owned and Operated by:
Pete and Bambi Dillingham

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Our lessons are tailored to the needs of each individual student from 6 years and up, novice to experienced. Our tutoring is safe, fun, fast-paced and informative. We address issues like horse care, psychology, bridling, grooming, saddling, trail safety, biting and kicking horses, side passing, herd anxiety, riding with a “whisper” and many other topics. The sky is the limit.

Lessons are $50/hour.

Photos and Testimonials
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My daughter and I have gained a wealth of information during the time we've spent training with Pete from Firefly Acres. Not only have we received great training, but we've had a great time while doing it. I highly recommend Firefly Acres. Whether you're a beginner, or an experienced rider you will be happy. You will obtain information that will increase your "horse sense" and greatly improve your riding skills. Sherry McMillen, Pikeville, TN
To Whom It May Concern;
About two years ago, my daughter Leigh(18 at the time), purchased a nice registered paint filly we call Rain. It wasn't too long before we discovered, she had not been worked with very much. Although very gentle, she didn't have much experience with the rein and basically had a mind of her own. Last spring, we began to think maybe we should sell her and buy something a little more "user friendly." We had no experience training, just getting on an riding! Then we discovered Pete and Firefly acres.

I contacted Pete and we went to visit him one afternoon and were immediately sold on his training style. I asked if he could train our horse? He said he could but he preferred to work with the horse and rider in 2 hour segments. We decided to give it a try and we both have been thrilled! Maybe at this point I should include the horses because basically, we learned to speak their language!

With Pete's help, we have learned to communicate with our horses and to accomplish things that have amazed us! The way he walked us through the basics of natural horsemanship is something every horse owner should be required to know! Pete not only educated us, but helped us to have a new understanding and relationship with our horses!

Thanks Pete,
Tim and Leigh Bumbalough
Sparta, Tn
My family is so fortunate to have met Pete & Bambi. We knew close to nothing when we got our first horse. Thanks to the Dillingham's we are enjoying three horses and have learned how to effectively handle, train, and safely ride each unique horse personality. Pete & Bambi continue to be a wealth of horse knowledge and support.
The Mercures
Ball Ground, GA

Pete has this way with horses and people". That is what I heard from others who knew him before I found out first-hand just what that meant. I thought that meant that he had a sort of mystical, magical way of communicating with horses. What I found out is that the real magic was in the "and people" part of that statement. Pete really isn't a horse trainer - he primarily teaches people to communicate with, or how to ask their horses, which in turn results in all-around better trained horses. I am not specifically referring to riding lessons. I am talking about basic horsemanship skills.
There is a big difference and yes, "Pete has this way...." Highly recommended
Barbara Hutson

We asked Pete to teach us how to be safe on our horses - and he taught us safety, grooming, riding, and how to talk to and love horses so they will be safe with US. He has made us comfortable in a whole new world which, on a good day, we are even able to share with others - and we treasure this more and more.
Sincerely, Howard and Sue Lincoln
More recommendations available upon request.