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Equine Programs
This page provides an overview of the Equine Programs we offer here at Firefly Acres. For more specific information, including schedules, pricing, testimoninals, and photos, please view the individual pages (simply click on the program name!).

We intentionally limit our clinics to four students so that we can fully address the needs of each participant. Our goal is to develop a safe and meaningful bond between a horse and its owner. Challenging ground games, liberty tasks, riding exercises and trail rides are the enjoyable vehicles we use to cultivate horse communication and a loving relationship between a horse and its owner. Firefly Acres is "customer friendly" with easy viewer observation, a spacious arena, convenient round pen (Circle of Love), a good sound system and a welcoming atmosphere. We also provide meals that are a mouth-watering delight to any palate!

Our lessons are tailored to the needs of each individual student from 6 years and up, or novice to experienced. Our tutoring is safe, fun, fast-paced and informative. We address issues such as horse care, psychology, bridling, grooming, saddling, trail safety, biting and kicking horses, side passing, herd anxiety, riding with a “whisper” and many other topics. The sky is the limit.

Pete's seminars at Firefly Acres (or your barn) are informative and entertaining. His passive training techniques, exercises and clear explanations have been a "starting point" for many wonderful relationships between a horse and its owner. Our seminars address such issues as "Common Sense Trailer Loading", "Give Me That Foot…Please!" and "Taking a Green Horse From 0 to 60". Each seminar is usually 3-4 hrs.

Stable Design
With over two decades of riding stable operation and management we can help you design a barn and operation that fits your needs. Systems for feeding, maintaining care, boarding, barn efficiency, cultivating business, safe trail rides, land development for stable operations, marketing, buying and selling horses, and personnel screening/management are just some of the issues we can help you address.

Our “starter” training curriculum for horses begins with a 25 lesson package that develops a horse on the ground and in the saddle. Using passive techniques we help our pupils discover confidence and manners that will define a good trail horse. Exercises like “respect my space”, standing still during mounting, emergency stops, a soft backup and stop, side passing and many other tools are the foundation to safe and enjoyable rides. Each owner of a horse is encouraged to participate in any or all of these lessons. After each session a journal is recorded to give its readers insight into the personality and development of each student. A horse’s final exam is a three to four hour ride through wooded trails, streams, mud, and variety of terrain. Follow up training packages address more exposures to the “real world”, desensitization to “horse-eating” threats and more sensitive communication in the saddle.