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Pete and Bambi Dillingham

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We intentionally limit our clinics to four students so that we can fully address the needs of each participant. Our goal is to develop a safe and meaningful bond between a horse and its owner. Challenging ground games, liberty tasks, riding exercises and trail rides are the enjoyable vehicles we use to cultivate horse communication and a loving relationship between a horse and its owner. Firefly Acres is "customer friendly" with easy viewer observation, a spacious arena, convenient round pen (Circle of Love), a good sound system and a welcoming atmosphere. We also provide meals that are a mouth-watering delight to any palate!

We have electrical hookups for those camping in their trailers or quaint (two-four person) cabin rentals.


- You, Me, and Yours
Why do we bust ice out of water troughs or travel miles to get hay? Who in the world would want to spend countless dollars on tractors, trucks, trailers, horse tack, land and fence lines? You and I do……because we love horses. It's not the "thrills and spills" that motivate's the God given desire to build a meaningful bond with this beautiful creature.
At Firefly Acres we develop good horse persons, great horses and (most importantly) build safe and meaningful relationships between a horse and owner. Our lessons, clinics and horse training programs are the vehicles by which we accomplish these lofty goals. We have had great success with a newly created venue called "You, Me and Yours". One on one with "You", "Me" and "Your" horse for five days. Each day is power packed with 4-6 hours (split in two sessions) of fun-filled challenges. We customize a curriculum to address the needs and concerns of you and your horse. The end result is the communication necessary to build that safe and meaningful bond we all seek. An additional benefit is the opportunity to partake in the development of other horses in training.

The cost for this five day adventure is $1200 and includes meals and lodging in one of our attractive cabins. If you prefer to schedule this clinic with friends, the cost is $1000.00 per student for two participants, $900.00 per student for three classmates, or $800.00 per student for a class of four. Email to discuss available dates.

- Three Day Clinics
We currently offer 2 different 3-day clinics, "Bringing You and Your Horse Together" and "Riding a Tornado Called Herd Anxiety". Descriptions are below. The cost for a 3-day clinic is $400 per student/horse. For those interested in a semi-private (two persons) 3-day clinic, the cost is $600 per student. For more information, call us at (931) 946-7383 or e-mail us.

“Bringing You and Your Horse Together”
These three day adventures start off Friday with lunch and a discussion of individual goals and problems. The next couple of days are a potpourri of arena games, exercises and trail rides aimed at developing manners (in and out of the saddle) and loving communication between you and your horse. “Equal-size”, “a Rose Between Two Thorns” and “The Rope Climb” are just a few of the entertaining challenges that develop more balanced riders, polite steeds and most of all…a close relationship with your horse. Participants develop skills at liberty, on line, in the saddle and on the trail. This fast-paced, fun and informative event can be the “springboard” for many wonderful memories.

Riding a Tornado Called Herd Anxiety"
One of the most common concerns among trail riders is "herd anxiety." Firefly Acres confronts this serious problem in a clinic titled "Riding a tornado called Herd Anxiety." This three-day workshop provides safe riding techniques and the time needed to practice these exercises. "Riding a tornado called Herd Anxiety" will give a student safe tools needed to control their "tornado's" composure when being left by other horses.

Clinic Schedules
DatesClinic Name/Notes
March 16-18 "Bringing You and Your Horse Together" at Firefly Acres
April 6-8 At J&R Stables&Farm, Huntsville Al.

5) Dear Abby - A direction for your horse
This seminar/lesson uses a horses talents and potentials as a guide to the next level of horsemanship. Pete will evaluate a horse personality/training from the ground to the saddle to reveal its character, strengths/weaknesses and the next stages of development. Then with the assistance of the owner, he will start traveling that road to the future.

2 hours per horse/student.
Four horses/handler per day.
For more information on schedules and rates,
contact: Russ
PH: (256) 679-2865
J&R Stables&Farm Event Page

May 4-6 "Bringing You and Your Horse Together" at Firefly Acres
***Clinic Dates Available Upon Request***

- One Day Clinics (also known as “A Crash Course on How to Think Horse”)
This fun, fast paced and informativeexperience starts with coffee, brownies (yum, yum) and a couple of spoonfuls of “horse psychology”.The rest of the day is a tutoring of techniques, games, (in and out of the saddle) and a trail ride. Our (yours and mine) goal is to establish a meaningful relationship with your horse using sensitive communication and good manners. Midway through our day we’ll have a “lip-smacking” lunch! Each class is limited to four people.
The cost for a 1-day clinic is $200.00 per student.

1-day Clinic Schedule
Clinic Dates Available Upon Request
Photos and Testimonials
My experience at Firefly Acres was excellent! By limiting clinic size, Pete was able to meet our problems/objectives and improve each rider/horse's partnership."
Frank Galovic
"Bringing You and Your Horse Together" clinic
"My time at Firefly Acres was amazing! I learned and gained so much. I can't wait to return."
Connie Faircloth
"You, Me, and Yours" clinic, Dunlap, TN
"We learned so much…..Pete communicated his knowledge so clearly to us and our horses. Bambi's food is wonderful!"
Kathy and Bob Bortz
"You, Me and Yours" clinic, Tullahoma TN
"Fantastic!! Great company, delicious food, I learned a lot about my horse, wonderful cabins"
Kathy Kilpatrick
"One Day Clinic", TN
"Pete has a wonderful way of explaining Natural Horsemanship! I loved the lessons, discovering my horse, the food and the beautiful accommodations."
Linda, GA
"Bringing You and Your Horse Together" clinic
"I learned so much more than I expected……Pete and Bambi went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for!"
Samantha, GA
"Bringing You and Your Horse Together" clinic
"This was an excellent clinic…..Precious and I learned that leadership comes for me…..meals were exquisite and the pillow top mattress was wonderful….Pete is the most knowledgeable horse trainer/teacher I've met"
Roberta, Jasper, GA
"Bringing You and Your Horse Together" clinic
"I enjoyed every second! The training time was so personal and informative. It was perfect"
Julie William, Jasper GA
"Bringing You and Your Horse Together" clinic
"This was a confidence builder and I have learned so much!"
"It was an excellent learning opportunity…..Pete has given me good communications methods and a plan to use them."
"What a great experience. Pete has given me so much great information and advise."
"I've learned tools to overcome the weakness of my horse and myself. A very positive three days."
"Pete is a wonderful teacher, very patient, but persistent….exactly what my horse and I needed. Bambi is a fantastic cook!"
"Everything about this weekend was perfect and well planned. Wonderful food, comfortable cabin and a very informative clinic. "
"Doing this clinic was worth a million dollars. You learn and watch your horse transform before your eyes. I enjoyed this more than you will ever know! "
"A wonderful experience! The small class size was perfect."
"Excellent advise and training. My horse and I both have more confidence. Food was exceptional."
"Fantastic!My concerns were addressed in a way that was easy to understand. Loved the food, cabins were perfect. I will return with friends!"
"Awesome confidence building! I never thought I would get this far."
"This far exceeded my expectations. Pete's knowledge, professionalism, and wonderful personality make me feel very comfortable."
"I've learned so many things that I can take home and work on with my horse. The scenery is beautiful, the food is incredible and the cabins cozy."
"Learned a lot in a wonderful environment. Enjoyed the fun, food, friends and chats."
"Excellent all around….clinic, food, accommodations and hospitality. I've gained more confidence in my abilities and my horse."
"Fantastic! Very informative. Love Pete's teaching style and Bambi's cooking."
"Better than good. I don't think that I could learn more or enjoy myself any more than I do when I am here. It's better than a vacation. It can be intense."
"The best. I feel like Milo and I have bonded even more this weekend and have a lot more that we can learn."
"We came here to learn and take home some things we could work with. We got that and more."
"As a result of Pete's instruction, my horse and I will be life time partners. Pete has shown me tools to communicate with my horse in his language."
"Excellent! Beneficial to me and my horse as well as an absolutely beautiful environment."
“Awesome food! I couldn’t have been happier with the entire program. Patience, love of the horse, kind and understanding are a few of the adjectives that describe Pete and Bambi. I’ve searched for a good trainer and finally found one. The facility is wonderful, peaceful, spotless and was great for horses”
“Very Good! Both my horse and myself had a very positive and rewarding experience”
“I learned more from Pete in two days than what I had learned from all other previous trainers and seminars combined. His patience with both riders and horses, along with his extensive knowledge of natural horsemanship, make him second-to-none in my book.”