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You and I have been hostage to our attraction and love for horses since before we were born. Many of us can search through photo albums and see memories of us wearing boots, hats, and riding stick horses. Our peers were wearing baseball caps, stethoscopes, and looking to the stars…….we were dreaming of dapple-grays, winged horses, and riding the range.

Finally time gave way to our dreams and we found ourselves face to face with two brown eyes, a muzzle, mane and tail……and that's when the fun began! In a flurry of hoof beats, we were cantering through the hills, exploring hidden deer trails, and solving countless problems while we were in the saddle. We also started to explore an identity deep in our souls……a God given gift called a "horse lover".

After galloping a thousand miles or so (and taking a few spills), we finally stopped and gazed at this magnificent beast under us and said, "What planet are you from?" From that moment on the social dynamics between our horse and us changed. We slowed down a lot and started wondering "what in the world" makes this critter "tick"? Suddenly we were the student and the horse was the teacher.

As time went by our instructor taught us a lot. We discovered that if we wanted to teach him "English", we needed to understand "horse". We learned about patience. We found out that anger made our problems worse. We've discovered soft ways to resolve conflict….. we learned about friendship, respect,………and finally love.

My journey to horses started almost 40 years ago. While in college, I was working part-time at a radio station. I got this crazy idea about selling commercial time to a local riding stable. ….but things didn't go the way I planned. Instead of selling radio time, I discovered an overwhelming love for horses. Slowly the wheels of time turned my professional world up-side-down….. I ended up owning that horse rental stable, managing another stable, owning hundreds of horses and teaching thousands of persons about horses. I learned that knowing how these critters think is the pathway to communicating and building a loving relationship with them.

So why the heck am I telling you this? I love to bring horses and people together. The following come from newspaper columns I write called "Horse's Corner." These articles are informative, interesting, and entertaining to everyone …horse lover or not. They address common horse problems, answer readers' questions and show how horses and humans share many common grounds.

Our affection for horses has taken us into their world…….and because of those experiences we've become more sensitive persons in our world. Our Creator has used our attraction to a horse…….. and made us better human beings.

Here is a list of a few of Pete's articles (click the title to read the article):
A Walk Through The Woods
A High And Mighty Question
A Hoof And Mouth Dilemma
A Lesson From the Gray
Better Ways
Brains vs. Brawn
Casper the Ghost
Cause or Symptom
Crossing The Bridge
Dancing With The Bear
Devil In The Pulpit
Hearing Aids
It's About Respect
Let's Go For A Ride
No Flinging, Whiplash, Biting Or Kicking
Quiet Talk
Rider Beeware
The Bank Robbery
The Blue Ball
The Box
The Train Ride
Tic Toc